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Volunteer in Greece

Or Italy. Or Seychelles. Or Canada.

I've put my hat in the ring for some super cool INTERNSHIPS around the world, because, whilst I LOVE helping from my cosy bed turned office space in Sydney, writing blogs, and reducing waste, and saying NO to PLASTIC. I want a chance to get up close and really help out.

Hello marine mammals! Here I (hopefully) come!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Check out awesome volunteer websites like GoEco (wildlife animals) or Volunteer HQ. At Volunteer HQ, you can choose to contribute to wildlife conservation efforts in Victoria Falls, wild elephant conservation in Sri Lanka, or sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica and Bali. There are also opportunities to provide care for abandoned cats and dogs in animals shelters in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

2. Sign up to newsletters and contact them to get more details about all the programs they hold throughout the year (some animal work is seasonal)

3. Save up then GO

Cross fingers I get the placement I want (currently chanting whales, whales, whales)