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I've always had a sense of justice and social connection. I've watched those animal videos on facebook, dog gets rescued from appalling conditions or abused donkey in loving sanctuary, and always found myself in a flood of tears. Most recently, I saw a video on what they found inside a whale  - kilograms of plastic. That whale likely starved to death.  There were massives of plastic bags twisted inside - one bag after another - and nothing in the whale's intestines. 

I going to help (or save the world). You know. Either one.

This BIG MAGICAL HEART FIRE is why I'm committing to something new.... No. Actually, I am embodying it. I'm breathing it. Living it. Doing it. Talking about it. 


I'm leaving the corporate world, but this time with a difference. I'm not planning a giant trip anywhere. Or to be the next J.K Rowling or Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm not going to cloister myself away in a little cabin and sit by a fire and get all Thoreau-y (tried that, loved it, then didn't).  

So, I'm hanging up my change management boots. Lighting my HR pants on fire. And basicaly unleashing the belt buckle of office life.  Because....

Guys -- I'm going to give back.

Like truly completely a hundred percent, don't look back - MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The Small Stuff

- I'm deleting Candy Crush (it takes up a LOT of my time)

- I'm stopping my subscription Netflix (same same - time that can be spent GIVING BACK)

- I'm boycotting plastic bags at the shops. Bringing my own bag yo, to like, EVERYTHING.

- Bring my own glass bottles too.

- Get a bit NAZI-like on everything that I can recycle. 

- No more clothes shopping. Nothing. For a year. An entire year. 

- No more make up. Whatever I have, I'll use. If I need more I'll only replace the ESSENTIALS aka foundation, mascara and lip gloss - with a cruelty free brand.

The Medium Stuff

- I'm starting walking dogs at nearby homeless shelters

- I'll buy more from farmers markets (less plastic)

- I'll recycle all the plastic bags I have and pray they never end up in a whale

- I'll volunteer to pick up rubbish with organised groups

- God, I might give up shampoo and conditioner, I hear it's like 8 weeks of grease and then suddenly, suddenly beautiful hair. Yes, I might do that.

The Big Kahuna Stuff

- I'm offering my writing services FREE OF CHARGE to charities (I've already had some nibbles)

- I've applied to do my marine mammal medic course and internships around the world to help whales and dolphins

- I'm giving up the life that I knew - and taking on a life that is calling me 

- Watch this space for more big kahuna stuff as it is unveiled to me, the only way the universe knows how - with timing and surprise!

Join Me

You may want to join me on this next year, that involves LESS.  You see in a world that encourages MORE it can feel strange to tilt the see-saw in the other direction, but also EMPOWERING.  Less buying.  Less plastic.  You can follow along on this blog. 

In a world that has always been kind to me, it's time I was kind back.  So this MAGIC FIRE in my heart feels ECSTATIC.