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Day 2 - Are you a Keeper?

Keeper cups are cool.

There are no two ways about it. Keeper Cups are the future. Get a keeper cup. Be a keeper.

However I have a confession... I used to be that person who ordered take away coffee (every day). Yep. Every. Day. Did I know it was bad for the environment? Yep. I knew that. And I DID IT ANYWAY.


Many reasons, including;-

- I'm busy

- I'm tired

- I just need a coffee. Now.

- I don't want to have to clean out my own coffee cup

- I don't have time to clean out my own coffee cup

- Who wants something that spills in my bag?

- I won't remember where I've put it. Does that mean no coffee?

- I can recycle coffee cups...right?

No. The paper portion is highly recyclable but what you may not know is - your coffee cup has a inner lining of plastic.

things i bet you don't know

- that coffee cup is going to outlast your time on earth

- They don't biodegrade

- They become a major pollution hazard

- Every year, Australian's use 1 billion cups.

- Coffee cups are the second largest contributer to Australian landfill, next to plastic bottles

On Day 2 of my Giving Back (BIG MAGICAL HEART FIRE project) I walked into Hunter's Corner at Redfern and bought a $30 large glass keeper cup, with a cork band, in my two favourite colours - sunshine yellow and let's have fun pink.

Great news is - I got a free large soy decaf coffee with it. Now when I go out, I reach for the cup, and slip it in my bag - just as easy as if I was reaching out for my wallet or phone. And I'm helping the environment at the same time.

Thumbs up for that!

Get in the know

Be aware of the problem. Reduce the use of single use plastics.

Watch ABC video to learn more about how your coffee cup is made and bite the bullet.

Get a keeper cup. Be a keeper.